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We moved into a house with an orchard that has been left to grow wild. lots of the trees have problems. Can we save these or do we start again.

I have no idea were to start. or what the problems are, would a good pruning help?











  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,761

    Looks like aphid damage and scab. Some useful info here on renovation pruning and a search on Youtube should find you a few videos of how to do this. If all of the fruit is affected by scab like your examples then make sure you dispose of them all. Don't leave them on the ground to rot out.

  • LeggiLeggi Posts: 489

    I don't have much knowledge I'm afraid but pruning now would make the trees grow more, if you wait until mid autumn to winter, when it's cooler, you can prune back some of the growth.

    How big a space and how many trees are we talking roughly? If it's a large number of trees then I think you should consider getting an expert in to advise you on what's best to do.

  • Thank you to both of the above. We have a mix of 10 apple & 3 plum so not too many, space for the is about 40 yds x 50yds. may be more, with a very overgrow hedge around it. (intending to trim this to about 4' come the autumn, we hoped this many also help to get light & air in to the trees.  I did put some glue bands round in early May & not all the trees have this prob. The best one is favoured greatly by the blackbirds, who are eating the apples before we can get at them.

    I thank you again for you help.


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