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garden problem

I have got rid of my shed and patio slabs and tommorow the greenhouse is going 

my garden is a mess as all the rubbish will have to go to the tip i bought a storage box which my daughter coudnt put together to keep hand tools and garden stuff in  

I am having artificial lawn put down when its all cleared  also having the patio cleaned 

I have a border at the side and hope to have one at the top of the garden so all the shrubs can go out from my tubs 

also today a vicor gave me 10 fish  i saw advertised to put in my pond as his leaked 


I have a recycle bin full of pots and seed trays nobody seems to want 

as everything is getting to much for me now 


so now I am exhausted 



  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    joyce, so sorry you are feeling exhausted. Hopefully your new garden, with no lawn to mow will be lovely.image

  • thank you artjak cant wait for it to be finished which wont be for a while as the gardener has to dig up the old lawn also coming through the house with loads of bags 

  • My garden is lovely and tidy now  I have a few shrubs in the top border philelphus camelia and a spirea sorry cant spell  I have all the bulbs in the tubs to put in the borders now but its been so wet I havent done anything 

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Any chance of a photo?image I've never seen artificial lawn actually in use.

  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Joyce, Your first post made me feel you were at the end of your tether and who among us has not been there. You say your Gardener is doing the work and assume that is only to get the main work done, OK let him or her do it and once they leave then you put your mark on the garden.

    The secret is to do it little and often, pick a border or corner and decide how it should look then concentrate on that. Moving from one project to the next when you feel you wish to do it or the time is available in time it will be your garden as you want it. I often sit on my small seating area at the bottom of the garden and plan next years garden, gardens are for relaxing as well you know, there is no need to step out of the door and turn into a frenetic work horse dashing around in disarray trying to do it all in one go. Relax a bit stop and think about it make notes draw sketches and plan well ahead, in other words make it less a chore more an enjoyable experience and good luck.


  • Artjack I will ask my son to take a photo when he calls round  it crunches when you walk on it to pick the leaves up   


    Frank Ive always had jobs todo in the garden never to sit in and relax as the pond pump always need cleaning as well as the bird bath   also adding new plants to the borders  I will get rid of the tubs now as my daughter needs them to grow veg in

     perhaps next spring and summer I will be able to as I have a garden chair I have never used and at age 78 I deserve a rest 


  • That sounds like me - I never seem to actually sit on my garden chairs and benches! Hope you get to have a rest in your lovely new low-maintenance garden before too long!

  • Landgirl Thank you for the reply didnt I send you grasses seeds last year did they survive


  • image

    artjak  this is my new garden photo what have i done wrong

  • Joyce, I wasn't the lucky person to receive your seeds - sorry!

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