Can you help id a plant I've been given?

DaintinessDaintiness Posts: 954

Hi, I've been given a couple of offsets from my Mum's neighbour - not local to me. The plant grows in her porch and produces white flowers (no idea of shape or size). It is planted in compost and has grown to a substantial size  70cm in height and width.

The roots remind me of an orchid, the leaves of an inch plant....any ideas? Thanks









  • philippa smith2philippa smith2 Posts: 6,302

    A Tradescantia of some sort ?

  • It certainly looks like a Tradescantia to me

  • sybillesybille Posts: 76

    It looks like a Tradescantia, but be careful - they can be very invasive if plantaed in the ground.

    I have one (with amazing blue flowers) in a big pot.

  • It is a Dendrobium orchid. The flowers are small and  some can be scented . Mine I believe is "Berry Oda" and was in flower when I bought it . The scent is delicate but lovely. It needs an open compost.

  • Felixstowe you are sight.


  • DaintinessDaintiness Posts: 954

    Thank you very much! I will tell the owner who gave me the offset and plant it up in an appropriate compost.I'm really looking forward to seeing the flowers.

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