Pruning Braeburn apple

Hi All, I have a three year old dwarf braeburn apple tree.  The growth has been quite vigorous this year although all the apples fell off at marble size in early May. My question is can I prune now and if so how to do so without reducing fruiting for next year.



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    I'm another one with no apples this year, damned weather. As for pruning if you want to keep it the same size just prune back any new growth from this year, I'd give it a few weeks yet though.

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    Pruning now will encourage new growth. If you want to keep the tree in check then prune in Winter, back to 1 new bud from the origin of the ew growths.

  • It would be well worth getting your hands on a copy of July's Gardeners' World where Monty Don covers this very subject - it will answer all your questions!
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    Thanks for your replies. I watched Gardeners World TV programme a few weeks ago and thought Monty Don advised that pruning in summer restricts growth? maybe I got it wrong. I've pruned anyway, hope I did the right thing. 

  • We have inheirited an apple tree which seems like it needs some tlc. It is, I am told, a Discovery. There was quite a lot of fruit which we have now picked, wrapped and stored. My question is, a lot of the fruit had been attacked, (wasp, fly, earwig and probably birds as well) how do we prevent this next year? How do we prune the tree as it is quite high. Any other tips would be appreciated. We also have a plum tree which didn't crop well, also don't know what type it is, care tips for this as well please.

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    Discovery is the first of the English apples to be ready, and is best eaten immediately as it doesn't store well.  

    We look forward to the first Discoveries of the season - there was an orchard near where I lived and a ripe Discovery fresh from the tree is delicious - sadly they are frequently picked for the shops too early and therefore the ones you buy are often not ripe.  Enjoy them fresh and don't bother to store them.

     More info here

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