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I've had great success this year with my tomatoes, its the first year I've planted my tomatoes from seed and I chose the Moneymakers variety. I gave a lot of my plants to family and friends and they too had the same luck. Its my first year growing my own fresh veg, and whilst I'm new to allotmenting, and considering half of it ended a foot under water with flooding, Its not put me off and we've grown lots of wonderful vegs, I look forward to Carol's veg slots and my friday evening update with Gardeners' World. My children are very proud of the marrows they've grown and they have pics as proof??


  • My gazanias are being attacked, looking like someone has taken a pair of scissors to them, leaving the leaves on the ground, but not eaten. Can you shed any light on this problem. I have grown gazinias for years and this is the first time I have encountered this problem.
  • I started my tomato seed in Multicompost and transplanted them into the vegetable plot. The growth of the seedlings seemed to be arrested but have recovered and now I am harvesting some lovely sound fruit which are delicious.
  • Although there was a lot of blight on the tomatoes at our allotment, by picking off the blackened stems, I still got a good supply. The plants in my greenhouse were not effected.
  • You all had better luck than me this year. Last year had masses of tomatoes on my allotment but this year I planted 60 plants and lost the whole lot to blight with just a small bowl full of fruit to show for it. Maybe it depends what part of the country we are in, I am on coast in East Anglia.
  • Sweet million as usual performed a treat - recovering from a 2 week hol! Saves so much money as a cherry tomatoe lover!
  • This is my first year growing veg. I have two Tomato plants (moneymaker variety), grown in growbags in an unheated greenhouse which have a lot of fruit on them but they are all still green - not a single one has ripened - is there any hope of them ripening at this stage?
  • My tomato plants (Sun Gold) got off to a fantastic start but then were almost all decimated by blight. I've only had about 10 little tomatoes from four plants, despite around 15 trusses in total.
  • Try growing carrots in large pots. I've done that this year and have had an excellent crop.
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