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Potato's again!


I bought some potato seeds for Christmas and planted them into two compost bags the beginning of August.  They grew to the top of the soil and I filled it up again with about 12ins of compost they are growing out the top of the soil again, do I top up with compost again or do I let them grow out of the compost also am I suppose to feed them with something, sorry if these are basic questions,  I think I may have started them off too early for Christmas so have bought some more so will next week be OK to plant these.  

Also, do I need to feed my lettuces and fig tree.  

Kind regards Chris


  • Keep topping up to the top of the bag,you can feed with a high potash fertiliser,i.e. tomato feed or one of the potato fertilisers available.

    Towards the end of october there is not enough light left to photosynthesise so you can chop off the haulm and leave the spuds in the bags until Christmas, at this point it's a good idea to bring the bags inside of a shed,garage or cold greenhouse to keep the frost away from them.

    On the gardening programme on Radio Leeds Sunday morning it was said it's now getting too late for Christmas spuds, again due to lack of light.

  • Chris9Chris9 Posts: 92

    Thanks so much for your response.  

    I topped up again and have bought some Tomatoe feed as suggested,  I have some seedlings a couple of weeks ago I should have planted them then, but did read that the end of August would be a good time to plant for Christmas.  

    Thanks again for the great information, I really appreciate it.  

    Regards Chris

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