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Wisteria pruning question

Hi there,

I have a very well established 10+ year old wisteria growing up a 6ft fence panel and then along the top of adjoining fence panels - perhaps more than 20ft along.

I've moved into my house in May and have inherited the wisteria. It looks pretty healthy and has loads of green whippy shoots, but very few flowers (almost none) I've read advice about summer and winter pruning, and think I've missed the boat on the summer pruning as it's pretty much October now.

Should I bother pruning it now, or should I wait until Jan/Feb?



  • Give it the 'Summer prune' now, it can only help.  There is still a bit of growing time left given the current weather and doing this may well help to produce a few extra flower buds.

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
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