Shed bases

Hi I'm just following up another thread... I am about to buy a shed, it is really heavy at 68stone and I saw another thread that mentioned  "Hawklok" somesort of shed base system - has anyone used it?  I'm trying to avoid putting lots of concrete down and ruining the rest of the garden in the process.




  • HI - no one responded to my question, so I guessed noone had tried the base stuff.  So I put my own concrete base down.  I took pictures of how I did it if anyone wants to know how.  Cost £100 all in.  Attached is a picture of my shed all finished.  All 50 stone of it.




    Took an hour to get the batons level, 30 mins to pour the concrete, 2 days to set. Then 4 hours to build the shed.

    This is my its my garden shed


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