Grafted tomato plants

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Anyone grow grafted tomato plants? I did but got blight. Still had a reasonable crop but I'm not sure if standard tomatoes are much different. Been growing toms for a few years but don't seem to get as many as I think I should,do. Should foliage be dry? Is best crop in greenhouse soil, pots, grow bags? My aim is to get a super crop next year so any tips?


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    I tried two grafted ones a couple of years ago. I grew them in the greenhouse, where they don't get blight, but I can't say there was much difference between them and the ones I bought. Normally I buy a couple of early tomatoes, which I plant in the geenhouse bed. I manure it in winter beforehand. Then I sow some and buy any variety that looks interesting that I haven't sown. I sow them in little electrically heated propogaters. Then when they are big enough I plant some in the greenhouse bed and when frost free I plant some outside. I live in France so the summers are usually hotter and longer than in the UK. We didn't have as much rain as you and in August it was in the late 30s. Luckily I was in Scotland then - I hate it that hot! The greehouse tomatoes actually cooked! But last year in July it was about 16° and it rained a lot. The outside tomatoes weren't happy. Some varieties make more tomatoes than others, but they are greedy feeders and they like regular watering, but not on the leaves.

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    I must say that when I tried them 2 years ago I was very underwhelmed.  I had 2 grafted and3ordinary plants, and all had about the same success - or failure -  for the price I found them quite disappointing.  I shall not bother with them again, but stick to the seed grown ones I have always used - I do not regard this year as anything typical anyway. 

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    I tried a grafted tomato plant in the greenhouse this year but was disappointed with it - it was no better than the ones I grew from seed - won't bother again image

    Pam LL x

  • When you plant the grafted plants into the greenhouse, it is important to graft the union above the soil line. Tomatoes tends to root easily and you will get more growing benefits form it.

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