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im a first time gardener n your piece really helped thanx.


  • I grow beans in pots-never fails and Slugs and Snails are very few.
  • I too was wondering if my runner beans were ever going to arrive, in spite of having strong plants which were planted out at the right time. But like you they are now showing good form. Thought it was because im in central Scotland. Thanks for the encoragemet
  • Why is it that whenever past presenters of gardeners world are celebrated, Geoffrey Smith is never mentioned? He was an informative and enthusiastic presenter. Along with Geoff Hamilton he was a gardener I learned a huge amount from. I hate to see him so ignored.
  • I was interested to read about your slow starting runner beans. All of my beans sulked this year and have only just started to produce pods. I won't have a glut, which is very disappointing and frustrating! I thought it was because I'm growing on a different patch that has never grown beans before, but perhaps weather and slugs are really to blame. Maybe next year will be better!
  • I wonder if anyone can help me in my seemingly endless and increasingly frustrating search for the signature tune to one of the gardening programmes which was presented by Geoffrey Smith in the 70's/80's? It was a very lively tune played by a brass band.

    I cannot be certain that the programme was Gardeners' World because he also presented other gardening programmes.

    My address is [email protected]

    Many thanks.
  • Try Wisley Magic T & M. Grown them for the past two years and have picked since May, have 6lb frozen already use deep root trainers in feb/mar and I am no expert tried painted lady before without great success
  • hi i myself is new to gardening this year and i brought 3 packets of runner beans from wilkos dont know the variety but was late planting them anyway got a massive crop have froze 50 lbs for myself and must have gave away 150/180lbs to friends and family. when is the best time totake down the old plants as i want to use remaining pods for next years seeds?
  • This is our first year at growing runner beans. We have two raised beds in the garden. We had fresh beans a plenty and a drawer full in the freezer. Can't wait till next year.
  • I have been given some mange tout seeds in a plain envelope so have no sowing instructions - should I just treat them like peas?
  • Hi My runner beans are not setting loads of flowers but they keep dropping off I give them plenty of water and there are loads of bees about any ideas?
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