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Pumpkins and butter nut squash.

Its the first  year  I  have  grown  Pumpkins from seed, I  did not  go  for  orange varieties, I  decided to  grow baby  boo pumpkins- The  plants put  on a lot  of growth and  started to  have  female flowers last  month, these  were pollinated and  the pumpkins are  growing, my  question is how can  i  tell when they  are  ripe and  also if there  is a light  frost  will the plant  die?

My  second question is I  have  two grafted  butternut  squash plants- i  have had  a decent crop( bout 6 image)  the plant seems to  be dying  but  the top is still green and has some baby fruits, is it worth keeping the plants until they  die, or  should I  just keep them and see what  happens- the  two fruits at  the top dont  seem to  be  swelling very much- should i  feed them?




  • You can tell they are ripe when you can't make a mark on the skins with your fingernail

  • HarrersHarrers Posts: 48

    Thank you  for  the advice, the two squash at  the top of the plant are  still very  tiny, so  I  think I  will stop feeding them now.

    Phillippa smith2- Are  butternut  squash easy to  grow from seed? How many  fruits have you  got? The  reason  i am asking is I  purchased two grafted plants but   I  expected to  get  a few  more then just  6 fruits image

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