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Hi I am new to the site and would appreciate some advice on grape vine care.

[blockquote class=postcontent restore]I have just purchased a Vitis vinifera grape vine, it is in a container 12"dia x 12" high, the growth above soil is 35". the vine has an 8" girth. It has 8 branches at the top and 4 lower branches. At present it has 3 small bunches of delicious black grapes on the upper branches and 1 bunch of small green grapes on one of the lower branches. My question is, would it be better to keep it growing in the container its in, and (a) keep it in the greenhouse or (b) plant it in the soil either in or out of the greenhouse.It looks quite old judging by the girth. Would I be correct in thinking this is a standard? As my knowledge of grape vines is non existent any advice on its future,i.e. feeding / pruning and general care would be gratefully received.  


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    Sorry not quite sure how [blockquote class="postcontent" restore]) got into my thread. Please ignore 

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 71,980

    Do you have a varietal name other than Vitis vinifera?  Some types are suitable for growing outside in the right situation - others are for greenhouse culture.

    Also, whereabouts are you? 

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    Hi  Dovefromabove

                                the only other name that was actually on the label attached to the vine was UVA NERA. It gives brief instructions for pruning between Jan - March and fruit eating time of August -October. It has in minute writing on the bottom of the label.

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  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,076

    Uva Nera is the variety name but that name is also used as a generic name for black grapes. As your label indicates this is a Southern Italian vine which is best kept in a greenhouse. Even in Italy it can take until November before it ripens fully.

  • PJ4PJ4 Posts: 6

    many thanks Steephill, would you advise retaining in the 12" pot, if so for how much longer,  or to upsize  to a larger one,  or would it be best in the soil? the reason I ask that is because my soil is not that good and I thought I would have more control if kept potted. A bit like a Turkish Brown fig that is containerised? 



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    If kept in my greenhouse would I need to fleece or  bubble wrap it to protect from frost, if so is the whole vine protected leaves included or just the trunk? 

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