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Mildew/Red spider mite

The cucumber plants in my greenhouse were growing well but started to develop "powdery mildew" which I was told was due to the atmosphere being too moist.I tried to increase ventilation and water carefully.I now have mildew and red spider mite which I know like it hot and dry - you see my dilemma, where is the flaw in the argument? Is there a "dry loving" form of mildew ?


  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    Does sound odd. Are you sure they're both PM and red spider mite?


  • JackersJackers Posts: 8

    I`m sure of the RSM - an old adversary, as for the PM - white blotches on the leaves which definitely look fungal.

  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    When I've had PM - or my cukes have had it, anyway - it manifests as, literally, powdery rather than blotches. You might have something other than PM. Here's the sort of thing I usually see:



  • JackersJackers Posts: 8

    The photo looks horribly familiar and having checked the residue is powdery.It is a small house (10`x6`) with 2 cucumber plants and 5 toms. so maybe it is possible to get such extreme variations in conditions that both can thrive ? Anyway I fear the RSM more than the PM so will resume spraying to moisten the atmosphere.Thanks for your efforts

  • I did some trials some years ago on organic peppers vs ordinary fed ones. RSM on conventional ones did not cross over to the organic ones and I could only sumise the result was from having Seaweed in the liquid feed.......... why not try a spray?

  • JackersJackers Posts: 8

    Thanks slaphead - will give it a go.

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