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conker tree bonsi style

Hi i have been given two conker trees that have been grown from seed and are about six foot tall in 10" pots.

Now i would like to know would it be ok / worth it to repot into 14" pots and stop at that or just keep them the way they are now as i do not want them any taller?



  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    A horsechestnut wants to be a 60 - 70 foot tall tree, and is always going to do its best to be just that.  They seem to me to be unlikely subjects for keeping as small as you would like.  Bonsai are not usually six foot high!  We do have an oak tree in a pot, about 10 foot tall, but I would not do it again, it is totally against its nature - but having set off along this path I would not just get rid of it.  I suggest you offer them to a local broad leaf plant scheme in your area, you can still see and enjoy them, and so can everyone else. 

  • pash2pash2 Posts: 95



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