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Could anyone tell me whats the best time of year to plant. Out hydrangea i have bought 12 from a nursery they stand about a foot above the pots and look really healthy whats best time.and as im turnig an edge of lawn into a their any special preperation.anything to add to the bed thanks in advance for any advice given


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    They are in pots so could go in now although the best time is October- November, or March-April.
    They like an acid or slightly acid soil, blue ones will lose their blue in Alkaline soils so prepare your bed with plenty of garden compost well rotted manure if you have any and dare I say it "whisper" PEAT, oops that should start a storm.
    They need a sheltered spot a place where they would not get morning sun after frost if possible, not all are frost hardy although my Shirley does not seem to mind.
    The Garden Centres are full of them at the moment and looking at the root ball they are healthy so planting them now will not harm them.
    Plant level with the top of the pot heel in water and then mulch around the plant although not touching the stem, leave a few inches around it and let nature take its course.


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