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What a great series!

This has been such a great series and well presented by Monty Don and his colleagues.  So many good tips and interesting visits. Lovely to see Nigel too.  He's definitely a star!



  • donutsmrsdonutsmrs Posts: 479

    Nigel is definately a star,  l love him.

  • Yes, I am really enjoying this series of GW and do agree that Nigel is definately the star of the show.  Our westie sits and watches GW with me on the sofa and as soon as Nigel appears he runs at the TV, he can also hear the birds etc.

    Loved the garden they showed last night in Richmond,  North Yorkshire it was absolutely beautiful.

  • LokelaniLokelani Posts: 112

    I'm really enjoying it too. I wish it was an hour, or on twice a week.

    NIgel is much leaner & lither than all the golden retrievers I know, I wonder if he is one, or something else? He's lovely. 

  • Norty DK!

  • Love gw and will be sad when it finishes but am not thinking about that yet as their is still lots to do in the garden before autum/winter arrives! Hope everybody has enjoyed the lovely weather over the weekend x
  • Hear,hear,best series so far........I ONLY watch for Nigel, MD is a bonus! Would be good if it could be extended to an hour......that WOULD be a treat, more sitings of Nigel eh?

  • Yes, loving it as well.

  • I like Nigel...shame about his dad!      image

  • love nigel too.. he is a rogue.. thou was kinda hoping monty would fall in the pond.. and nigel jump in after himimageimage

    can anyone tell me what the tall white flowered plant was either side of monty when he walked in through the arch way near beginning of programme please.

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