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Talkback: Rampant rust

Broad Beans chocolate spot like mars bars, What a year.


  • New to gardening i planted sweet corn in april picked some now really juicey.
  • Peter: Yes you can eat sprout leaves in that they're not harmful but in my experience (and I only tried it once) they're certainly less appealing than 'proper' leafy brassicas.

    Harry: As you'll soon be finding out in my next blog, I've got another unexpected invader in my garden....but luckily its actually pretty harmless and only got as far as the drive!!

    Rean: So glad to hear your sweetcorn is great and those first cobs of the first plants you ever grew will stay in your mind forever, so get on and enjoy them whilst they're there!

  • what sort of carrots should i try to grow? i cant seem to find any that i can plant now, surely they grow in the winter too!!! or should i know that they dont at my age?
  • I've had the same problems with my garlic, such a disappointment. Hopefully next year won't be as bad!
  • I have a very good crop of leeks but they now have rust. Should I be digging them up or can I leave them to continue to grow, or what should I be doing. They are such a good crop I do not want to lose them.
  • The runner beans have cropped well this year, but due to overproduction there will be an excess of matured beans for seed. Can one eat these beans, and if so what is a recommended method of cooking?
  • My runner beans have rust, the first time ever, can I still eat them or what shall I do!!
  • Can you eat sprout leaves?
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