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preparing ground

Hi all just wondered if people can help. Iv got my first allotment and love it more than housework lol. My question is : I do have a lot of digging to do where veg had already been, thats the easy part. would it be ok if once i'v dug this bit I cover it with liner and crack on with the rest of the allotment that hasn't been dug that has plenty of chickweed in it. I don't really know what's best. all answers grateful



  • Hi, Mozey, welcome to the forum.

    You have my sympathy if you have chickweed on your allotment, although it's shallow rooted and can be pulled-up easily, it's still very persistent.

    Unless you intend to planting on the ground you intend to dig, I would leave it and winter dig it, anytime after next month. This involves just turning the soil and leaving it rough for the frosts & elements to break down.


  • BizzieBBizzieB Posts: 885

    Hi, Mozey and welcome image   

    Agree with DavidK, makes sense.  

    There is a thread, 'New allotment OMG!!! ' which you may find both interesting and sound on advice too. A friendlly bunch of allotmenteers, worth a visit image






  • I'm getting conflicting information from different allotmenteers on my allotment area. some seem to think i should dig it out as it will appear all the time. some say dig it in as it's good manure. I'm at a loss and would appreciate the final say !! 

  • BizzieBBizzieB Posts: 885

    I know what you mean Mozey, however it does depend on what you intend to do: dig to plant now or prepare plot then plant next year.

    I decided on my new plot to dig and plant potatos, sweet corn, runner beans and now I'm going with David's advice to rough dig to over-winter plan what to grow in the spring. It suits me, I dont have much time at the moment as am getting the house garden sorted out first.







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