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can anyone please advise me when is the best time to move my Magnolia shrub I had it east facing in semi shade for 2 years and its never flowered.

I've read it will do better west facing and in slightly acid soil. I was thinking of moving it tomorrow????? 



  • Trees are best moved when dormant.  November to February is the usual time frame, providing you don't do it when the ground is frozen.

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
  • Thank you Bob I will hold off for a while image

  • Caroline

    Magnolias have fleshy rather brittle roots; so ensure that you have as large a root ball as possible around the base when you move it.

  • Thank you Invicta2

     I,ll dig as wide and as deep as I can I assume the ground will be quite hard in November but its quite damp and shady where it is a the moment.

    Should I mix any feed in the new planting hole or hold off until growing season assuming I've haven't of damaged or killed it by then ? image


  • How did you get on?  I've got one to move so could do with some tips

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