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Helpppp! 24 x1 metre border- clay, shady and next to fence- lucky me!,

Can anyone help please as i'm new to this gardening lark?

i have a really long garden which is also very wide

right at the end of my garden- about 30 metres from the house- is a 20 metre wide 1 metre deep border .

its next to a fence which ive just had to put up as there had previously been bamboo there which had run down the garden

anyhow , 2000 pounds later (for removal of trees/bamboo) and erection of fence i am left with a long thin border in clay.


cos i'm getting on, i dont want something thats hard work to look after and expensive to buy.

as ive got hundreds of hardy geraniums- i was wondering if a long bed of these with a row of different topiaries (don symetrcally from centre of fence) would look ok- perhaps 2 for spring, 2 summer, 2 winter etc--- or would it look like an identity parade?

If anyone has any ideas id be grateful





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    As you can see ive spent today experimenting with shrubs which look daft!

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    Sorry, I can't see anything. Your pictures don't seem to have arrived.
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    I've done it by copying and pasting- bizarrely its showing on mine!

    Is there another way of adding it please- something i could press?  
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    I nearly did it but its upside down!

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    Click on the tree in the toolbar to start.


    You might need something with a bit more substance than just geraniums. A couple of shrubs maybe.

    In the sticks near Peterborough
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    Tingly - there is a green tree icon in the toolbar above where you type your post.  Click on that and follow the instructions ...... and don't give up, it can sometimes take about a minute for the pics to upload.

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