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I started composting in  February this year and so far i have got nothing but a bad smell. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process without using chemicals?



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    Tell us how you're making your compost and then we might have an idea where the smell's coming from image

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  • I try and mix half green stuff to half dryish and then give it a good mix up. I put torn up egg boxes and cardboard which really helps.

  • I got the same thing and the smell will become horrible after a while!

  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Compost has to be worked at, chucking green stuff into some kind of container and leaving it is a no-no. It needs AIR, HEAT, Moisture. the first two being must haves.
    You do not say what container you have  if it is a plastic bin tip it out make sure it has holes in the base, a couple in the side would help.
    Now put some twiggy bits in the base and start to fill with what ever you have although nothing in a thick layer, mix it, woody leafy paper a thin layer of grass cutting, peelings from the kitchen egg shells tea bags, split them, cardboard torn up even some rags, all make compost.
    Damp each layer as you go, DO NOT SOAK IT, put your bin where it will get warm and out of any prevailing winds, under a hedge at the back of the garden does not usually work. My bins (wooden) are against a wall where they get sun most of the day.
    Every couple of weeks or so tip it out stir it up and put it back, you should see it steaming and feel the heat when you put your hand in. I have two so one can be filling one as the other gets used, it will take five or six months although I have it in summer in three.
    Wet and smelly means no heat, no air so no activity by the bacteria that breaks compost down, they like five star treatment to work, don't we all, so start again and work the compost, dumping stuff in and forgetting is not the way to go.


  • Max2016Max2016 Posts: 24

    Thanks everyone for your helpful advice....think I ought to start again!

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