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Do basil seeds survive UK winters?

I let some basils run to seed, but I left it too long and there's no seeds on them now. They've likely dropped in to the surrounding pots.

Are basils native or nearly native to the UK? If there's a chance the seeds will survive I'll leave the pots be till they sprout up next year.


  • No Mel, they're not native and unless we have a very mild winter, which forecasts suggest we won't the seeds won't survive. However if you put the pots in the GH to overwinter, you may be lucky.

  • Dave, Do you think if I scrap off the first inch of soil, dry and save the lot in a tin, indoors, would that work as well? 

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    Best to buy a new packet of seeds next year then you can be 100 percent sure of getting many plants.
  • The trouble with basil is we don't get the high temperatures needed to produce good viable seed. You can give it a go, but basil seed is cheap to buy and as welshonion has said fresh seed produces the best plants. Anyhow try it as an experiment, see what you get. Gardening is all about trying things and you've nothing to lose by giving it a go. Be fun to see if it works.

  • Yeah that's really what its' all about, just playing around. image Fingers crossed it goes well. Even though they're on deaths door now, they still smell so nice, they smell of potential.. who am I kidding haha

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