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just my luck

Alan4711Alan4711 LincolnshirePosts: 1,630

Morning all,i have a collection of young fig trees that I grew last year and this,also a huge one in the garden (inherited on our move ),i have plans for potting and planting the trees and they are all doing very well,and i give them away to locals,But through this summer i have been making Comfrey Tea which i know can cause problems for some people ,during the summer i had small and large blisters on my hands, for arms and head,(very short grey hair) i worked with the Comfrey with bare hands and found i had no problem,i then did the same with my fig trees trimming back the bottom leaves and such,i awoke this morning to 3 new small blisters,so i looked on the net and found this,im putting it on just in case others might have the same problem now or later ,it seems the sap is really a dont touch,

Quoting from, “Phytophotodermatitis is an acute skin reaction that may be easily confused with other causes of contact dermatitis. It is characterized by sunburn, blisters, and/or hyperpigmentation. The reaction takes place when certain plant substances known as psoralens, after being activated by ultraviolet light from the sun, come in contact with the skin. This report describes phytodermatitis due to contact with figs. 

it could only happen to me as my favorite pastime is growing Figs, Gloves from now on, what a pain in the A (I got the blisters on my head from the big tree when i was taking cuttings last year even though the tree is dormant it seems the saps still protecting it ))  bye for now Bit dull erein Norfolk.image


  • 4thPanda4thPanda Posts: 4,145

    Gosh that's bad news Alan image Maybe surgical type gloves could add a bit of safety but still allow you to retain an element of touch?

    Oh and long sleeves and a hat image

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 64,630

    Alan, you can get disposable vinyl gloves via Amazon quite reasonably. 

    Don't make the mistake of getting latex ones as it sounds as if you have a latex allergy.  Oh, and make sure you tell your GP and the hospital that you apear to have a latex allergy!

    Nearly enough blue sky here over the marshes to make a sailor a pair of trousers, so hopefully the day wil brighten up image

    “I am not lost, for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.” Winnie the Pooh

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