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Hi, I have taken on an allotment, as you can see in the picture it was quite heavily weed covered. Most of the weeds have been strimmed and the allotment dug over. However, what I would really like to do is create a flatter surface, it isn't possible to see on the picture but the ground is very uneven, too uneven for me to do by hand with a rake for certain. Can anyone recommend a piece of machinery (tractor won't fit through the gate) that would help me even out the surface? Thanks.


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     Haha! what a div! here it is. from a small movie clip so not great. 

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    If you've dug it over you can leave it in 'clods' and the winter weather (rain and frost) will break it down so that it can be raked in the spring.

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    you could hire a Rotavator this will clear your ground more quickly and should help level off your ground too

    So many companies have them look for ones local to you, here is one company that hires out equipment

    But remember that ones you do that it is good to cover up areas either with cardboard, weed matting or plants to stop the weeds coming back so quick  

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