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Too Much Buxus

We've just moved into a house with 1/2 acre of garden around it, the lady who owned the house used to open it to the public so it's jam packed full of plants with lots of little windy paths. It's over grown at the moment and looks like a bit of a jungle - quite daunting to novice gardeners. We need to remove the beds in the centre and lay turf so our two babies have somewhere to run around as there's no grass at the moment. We were thinking we'd move the plants and trees we'd like to keep now (autumn) whilst dormant and lay new turf in spring? Or should we sow grass seed now?

Also we have a veg patch and green house, is there anything we can plant now that we can eat at Christmas? 

Finally you won't believe how much Box/ Buxus there is dotted around, can we take it out and sell it? as people keep telling us it costs a fortune? It all looks very healthy and well established.




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    With the moving plants, yes, deciduous plants should generally be moved in winter, but this is usually best done with small plants, not large ones. Large plants have large roots; damage too many and they die. Also, you say "trees" - what size of tree? Unless very small, trees can't be moved. The same is true of your buxus - unless it's small, you can't just dig up a small root ball and expect it to survive - it won't.

    Be careful trying to move things around if you don't know what you're doing - plants are living things, and need to be treated carefully. Have you thought about the fact that everything you move will need watering until it re-establishes, for example? Sorry to be depressing, but I'd rather you weren't faced with a half-dead garden next spring!


  • Hi Ruth image

    It sounds as if you have a lovely garden and I'm sure there will be some way for you to make it suitable for your family to enjoy.

    Can you post several pictures of the garden, to give us some idea of the options please?

    To post a picture on here you need to click on the green tree icon on the toolbar above where you type your post, and follow the instructions to upload a picture from your pc.


    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • image

     Here's one of the Japanese Acers, I don't know what the dark red one is to the left?

    We have got a lovely garden here but it's not practical for us at the moment.





  • image



  • So as you can see they're all quite big plants, unfortunately some are going to die. Family have left space in their gardens to take any plants we don't want. We have to take out some of the beds and lay turf so is it best to do it now? and is there anything we can do to help them settle into their new homes? Give them some feed or a fertiliser of some description? We'll look for similar positions for them, shaded or sunny. Any tips would be appreciated..

  • The Japanese Acer in the first photo is about 2.5 metres tall and the dark red one next to it is 3 metres tall.

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