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Overwintering Potted Buxus

If I stand pots outdoors on soil overwinter do I need to water them?


  • I have box in pots and might water occasionally in winter if very dry. Don't stand in saucers. Mine are on gravel. They are very difficult to kill.image

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,739

    the the plants are wider than the pots, be aware that a lot of rain will run off the foliage and not get to the soil, Check regularly, even after rain.

  • Best thing you can do is to bury the pots in the soil overwinter. This stops the roots freezing in the pots during winter. Weather forecasts for winter are predicting  a prolonged cold spell next January and February, so if you have some spare ground or space in your borders, I'd get them in there by the end of October early November at the latest.

  • Thanks Woodgreen wonderboy, Hostafan1 and Dave Morgan, I really appreciate your help!

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