help what is this

can anyone tell me what sort of plant this is whats it called and how to look after it

the leaves change colour to light or darker green and some bits of red

thx   larry




  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    It looks like a pieris to me. Don't know much about them except they like acid soil, or ericaceous compost if in a container.
  • It is a pieris - I have one of these planted in ordinary garden soil and it's doing really well.

  • many thx  any special treatment required  looking after it what about winter?


  • Well I live in London so our winters aren't too severe.  But it survives quite happily in the front garden, no special protection or anything like that.  It's evergreen and just suddenly springs back to life in late spring.  Very easy - no care at all really.

  • thx all appreciated


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