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How do I get to the next stage from cuttings to fully grown plant

Hi,  I seem to always find myself at a big unknown when it comes to cuttings and whether I should be pruning them, in the first year/second year to encourage more shoots.

I have numerous cuttings this year which have taken (St John's Wort, honeysuckle, Philadelphus, dogwood etc), I'm a bit stuck as to what to do now they have shoots.  The St Jon's Wort is took about three months ago, and there is a single side shoot, coming off the original cutting, which is now about 6 inches long.  Should I leave it, or pinch out the tip to encourage more shoots?  

Similar with the others,  not sure when I should prune - if at all in first few years?

Advice and/or references would be appreciated.



  • Verdun, Thanks for this advise!  So, there is a bit of dependency on the season/condition/plant dormancy, as well as growth.


  • Fender, hypericum or st johns wort spread bey extending their root systems, so you won't need to pinch that out, just leave it in the pot for the rest of this year, as for the others as Verdun has said, leave them in a cold frame over winter or sheltered spot, the others, next spring prune to just above the new growth. they'll take 2  years to produce decent sized plants, so be patient.

  • Brilliant - Thanks both.  The St John's Wort is still on my kitchen window sill, but I've been putting it outside on the weekends.


    Thanks again.

  • Verdun,  it was from a 4-5 ft high shrub.  There are quite a few of them planted around where I work.  I liked it because the flowers stayed around for so long.

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    I'd put all of those cuttings outside in a sheltered spot.  Possibly rig up some sort of cold frame (some bricks or blocks with an old window on top - lots of ventilation) to keep the worst of the rain and snow off over the winter. 

    They won't be happy indoors.

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