newly planted perennial plugs

i had 36 perennial plugs two months ago and have gradually put them into bigger pots as needed. as i am new to this , do i keep putting them into bigger pots till next year? i only have a shed with a little window. should i build a cold frame before winter or can you suggest what i do with them. they have been like my babbies and i really look after them




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    I've just started potting mine on for the 2nd time from 2.5 inch pots to 5 inch, they'll stay in these ones until spring next year. I haven't over-wintered any plants before (apart from a chilli my aunt oddly decided to sow in October), but I have a cold frame where they will hopefully be ok during the winter.

    There are plenty of places you can cheaply buy a coldframe from, at this time of year  they will probably be on special offer too.

    Good luck with your plants.

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    Hello, I've been potting mine on gradually into bigger pots.

    These are couple of pics of the foxgloves & dephiniums taken about a week ago.




     I planted the foxgloves out now........they were strong and healthy about the same size as others in the garden. The delphs have grown, will see how they big they get before I decide to plant out or over winter. Same goes for the others.

    If you decided to over winter them, I would build yourself a cold frame, the shed probably wont have enough light.

  • I received mine in July and some are still a bit small, but like Hollie-hock I have planted my foxgloves out now. The rain has ensured that they are well watered in! I'm hoping to do ths same with the most of rest during the next month or so, rather than have to look after them in pots all winter. Also, if they did get too big for pots during the winter, I  wouldn't want to plant them out in cold weather. I do have a plastic mini-greenhouse so if necessary I can leave some of the smaller ones in there over the winter, although I'm hoping not to have to do this.

  • I got a really cheap cold frame from Amazon, it's one with the corrugated plastic,it came as a flat-pack and was relatively easy to build.  I have it on a sheltered area of the patio, and so far it's not been blown about (although it might have been if it wasn't in a sheltered area, it's not that heavy).

    It was only about £20-30, but I'm a cheapskate and also addicted to land rovers, so money is always tight.  This was a bargain, and allowed me to start some seeds earlier than I would normally have.  The downside was it was so overcrowded due to our late summer!

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    I have 2 coldframes which were homemade- I wouldn't be without them. I agree with MMP, the amount of plants you are grow in them  is amazing, all of my plants are grown in them. The delphs in the pictures are in one of the frames- just for protection as they were getting a bit eaten by slugs left out.

    I share Green Magpies views on planting them out. I think I will probably end up over wintering  the Geums, Lavenders and the one surviving Echnichea as they are still small and not showing any signs of being pot bound yet. The Foxgloves were ready to go in and I think my Delphs will be in the Autumn. 

    When you plant them out depends on how the plant is performing, if it has a good established root system  and good growth then I think it's best to get them in the ground.


  • I was reassured to hear on GW that penstemons (which I know nothing about) are disliked by slugs and snails and safe from attack, so at least that's one hazard they're safe from. Some of the slugs around my compost heap are bigger than most of the plug plants at the moment.

    I'd expect lavenders to over-winter OK - I have some very small ones in the border that have been there since last year, they seem quite hardy. I'm still not sure about the rest.

  •  I received all my plants at the end of May and they are now all in ground. they all have done really well-  a couple of the delphs have flowerbuds developingimage

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    Will plug plants that are overwintered inside on a windowsill retain the foilage or will they still die back?

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    Thank for the reply.

    The plants are:

    Lavender (Evergreen)

    Dianthus (Evergreen)

    Geum - Growing well in 9cm pots

    Foxglove - Growing well in 9cm pots

    Aquilegia - Growing well in 7cm pots

    Heuchera - Small plants in 7cm pots

    Delphinium - Small plants in 7cm pots

    Echinacea - Struggling in 7cm pots

    Coreopsis - Growing well in 7cm pots

    Eryngium - Small plants in 7cm pots

    Leucanthemum - Growing well in 7cm pots

    Campanula - Growing well in 7cm pots

    Hope this helps



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    A tip I got from and old gardener was to put the pots into the soil. I stops them from freezing if no cold frame is owned.

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    Some of those would be OK in a sheltered corner outside but I think a cold frame would be a good investment if you can afford it. As Dave suggests and a cold frame would be really good. They'll be really soft, weak and leggy by spring indoors. Out in a coldframe you can get them opened up on good days through the winter and get them planted out much sooner in the sping.

    I think the foxgloves could be planted out

  • AriochArioch Posts: 4

    Thank you for the replies.

    Looks like I will be purchasing a cold frame.

    Trying to be a skin flint & thought they would be ok inside in an unheated room.

  • hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,293

    Cold frames are great Arioch, you can do so much in them. Mine are homemade and not the traditional on the floor types, more like sturdier and stronger mini greenhouses. They have shelves so can accomadate seeds trays as well as young plants and you can use them to harden plants off as well

    I would have thought the foxgloves would be fine to go in the ground, I'd probably plant the geums out as well if they've got a good root system. Echinaceas very hit and miss for one sown from seed earlier this year, still alive so will try and nuture this one for next year

  • i hae two coldframes made from old greenhouse.. the old windows are sliding and tilting roof and the slatted one is fixed air vent.. wouldnt be without them as said.. they are great for protecting all plants from the harsh winter winds and frost that dont really need the warmth of a greenhouse..

    i have got some of my seeds that i did i the swap growing now in the freenhouse.. i do hope they survive the winter.. they are in 2in high paper homemade pots.. which makes it easier to pot up as it doenst disturb the roots.. and the ppaper degrades in teh ground.. perfect..


  • Arioch's collection sounds like the one I got off Van Meuwen recently. Only a few weeks back in fact. Mine are potted up at the minute just and appear to be surviviing if not developing, but thats not a concern.

    I'm with Dave Morgan here on putting the pots under soil - this worked a treat for me last year and jave most of my left over perrennials in pots again this winter. I also bought a couple of plastic corragated panels to keep the frost off - last year I made a wooden frame and put plastic sheeting on it which did the job but didn't like the weight of rainwater.


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