What is eating my primrose buds?

Hi there. Planted some pots with a selection of primroses, cyclamen & violas a few days ago, topped them with some bark chippings.. Some of the primrose flowers which are really just little peeping buds have vanished, almost as if cleanly extracted, some of the viola flowers have also disappeared. I thougjt - slugs,but there is no evidence of them. Some of the leaves also look to have had a nibble too. Any ideas?


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    Birds. Sparrows love primrose flowers. But so do other birds too. Pheasants do it here. So do crows. Birds anyway.

    When they get it into their heads there is little you can do to distract them. You can try some crumpled up chicken wire for a few weeks until they recover. By that time your feathered friends will have found another toy maybe.

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
  • I watched some sparrows having a go at my lettuce leaves this morning and they always nobble yellow crocus when they are in bloom.  Purple crocus do OK though.  Just had a 3rd brood of house martins take off, thank goodness. I've been worrying about them for several days as the majority have already flown though I am told that they all gather at Lodmoor (that's Weymouth) and wait for the later arrivals.  I do hope they make it though how I will ever know which is which when they returnimage

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    Yes, it's definitely birds. If you can put up with it, put a wire cage over them and the birds will go off the idea. Do be very careful that anything you use can't trap or injure birds, though - they can easily get into unlikely spaces and suffer terribly as a result.



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    Many years ago my parents had a very large garden which included a raspberry cage.  We were always letting/chasing blackbirds out who had no trouble getting in but apparently had no idea how to exit.  Then one day we discovered it wasn't only blackbirds to blme for a shoerage of fruit but the other culprit had been getting in, feeding its face and then getting out again.  My brother's collie got a right earful.image  My present collie doesn't get that sort of opportunity but he always expects a blackberry or two when I'm picking them.

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