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Hurrah! New Gardening Prog.

Looking forward to the new programme and seeing the hosts.  What happened to Joe's arm?  Does he still have it in plaster.   I hope not.  Very good luck to all on the new programme, may it run forever!!!



  • I also have not seen anything about this programme.  Is it on now or one to look forward to?

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Have you looked at the link in my previous message??

  • It's on tonight at 8 pm on BBC1 Called The Flowerpot Gang, Anneka Rice, Phil Tufnell and Joe Swift." transforming gardens"

  • LeggiLeggi Posts: 489

    I'll watch it but I'll get annoyed if they make gardens for people who don't have the time (or in some cases the ability) to manage them properly, like the ITV show recently. I know it's nice to give deserving people pretty gardens but if they have three disabled children to look after it's only going to add to their burden.

    As nice as they seem, I don't understand what Tufnell and Rice will be there for either.

  • nodlisabnodlisab Posts: 406

    No please not another one where they spend thousands of pounds on a garden which is so far removed from the average gardener.Im sure we will learn such a lot from knowledgable garden experts like Anneka Rice and Phil Tuffnel.

  • joslowjoslow Posts: 218

    This was truly awful, just an hour of mawkish rambling. Nothing new, nothing original, if there was any gardening I missed it. I cannot believe it was on prime time, much better suited to Channel5 in the morning.

  • Could'nt agree more, got fed up and switched channel, roll on Friday for good

    old Monty something to look forward to

  • I cannot understand why the BBC waste money producing this type of programme when it has been done over and over so many times. 

    Why not extend GW which is something they know works and gets its regular viewers every week - I don't know what the viewing figures are for each programme - I suppose it is higher in the winter months rather than the summer.  If they cannot extend GW they why not a midweek update.  I am sure it is hard work for all the presenters and it is not a matter of just filming for half an hour to produce a programme, so why not have different presenters doing a midweek update or visiting other peoples gardens.  There is so much knowledge out there so why not use it.  You only need to read this forum to see how much people have learnt and can advise from their own experiences.

    We are supposed to be encouraging people to get fit.  A lot of people have gardens or balconies and should be helped into making good use of these.  People who have no knowledge of gardening see this type of programme and think that you need a team of builders, garden experts etc to get the garden going and are not going to give it a try are they. 

    Showing people that they can start a garden from scratch (the local freecycle group is brilliant at obtaining materials or even plants from other gardeners) is the way forward I think.  Gardening doen not have to be an expensive hobby and most gardeners are all only too happy to share plants they have grown and their wealth of knowledge and tips.   Books can be obtained from the local library or charity shops. 

    So a hobby that keeps you fit, can cost little or nothing, making friends, growing your own veg for the family or creating a wildlife haven and attractive vew from your kitchen window. 

    Come on BBC change the format and give us gardeners something that will work.


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