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I have been lamenting the lack of growth of my runner beans, stopped at a foot tall and I put it down to the bad season everyone is having. That is until I looked more closely and realised I had mixed them up when planting out. I was looking at dwarf French beans! The Borlotti turned out to be the runners and the French beans magically turned into Borlotti. Must try labelling next year.image

My excuse is that I hadn't planted French or Borlotti beans before so didn't know what they looked like. The seed packets were a bit short on detail like eventual height etc., so the epic construction of poles and nets is a bit wasted on the dwarf beans! Anyone else ever done this?


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    Yup. Planted out 'dwarf' borlottis when it looked as though we might have had a summer. They got to 3' before the slugs had 'em.

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    We`ve all done it at some time, don`t beat lol lol Just don`t do it next year.imageimage


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    Yes indeed, I have  planted dahlias as a fence covering instead of the creeper which was very surprised to find itself in the front of the border!  It happens to us all - labels disappear, and we know we will remember which seed went into which tray - not!!

  • Oh yes ive done the same. Got the labels mixed up between the french and borlotti beans. Runner beans are plentiful and have already blanched and frozen some. Thought i had been so good this year labelling seed trays as i went, obviously not. Oh well it makes for an interesting life.

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    But it's not just us who gets it wrong - the other year I grew some Borlotti Firetongue beans which were  described as Dwarf on the packet and I sowed them in containers in my tiny back yard (before I moved here).  Some weeks later on they were 7 - 8 feet tall and still climbing, taking over the whole yard, romping up the sunflower stems, across the climbing roses, up the trellis and onto the flat roof of the bathroom extension!  My other half had to struggle every day to get to his bike in the garden shed and negotiate the tunnel under the beans to get to work. Lovely beans, really lovely beans, but not dwarf by any manner of means.  Suttons apologised and said that they'd obviously got two batches of seed mixed up.  Looking at their website I can only think they were these

    which I may well grow again, but next time not in redundant plastic recycling boxes! image

    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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