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Laurel Hedge

Hi All, Once again i am asking for some Urgent help and Advice.  My Son planted quite a few Laurel bushes which cover three sides of his garden, They have been growing well and has now reached a height of approx 7ft.  Last week however he noticed on one side of the laurel Hedge signs of damage black/burnt tips, some of the leaves look like something has been eating the leaves. My sons neighbour suggested to him to spray his Laurel Hedge with a systemic insect spray.  Today i noticed all along the top leaves of Laurel hedge it looks like something has laid eggs on the leaves which look like little black dots,  also there are a lot of bare yellow looking stems that just simple drop off.  Is there anything my son can do to save his Laurel Hedge.  All Help and Advice is appreciated.  






 I hope these pictures will help solve the problem.image


  • Hi image

    Im no expert, but leaf cutter bees are often responsible for the notches in the leaves, this is the case in my garden, its nothing to worry about and quite an honour to have them. image

    The majority of your hedge looks healthy, i wouldnt worry about a few blotches, if you find it very unsightly, simply cut out that part, laurel can take a huge amount of pruning if needed.

    Hopefully someone else on here can give you an idea of what the blotches are image
  • Hi, Buddyboy, the sequence of events are as follows,

    There was no yellowing veining before spraying.

    My son's neighbour had seen aphids?on the Laurel Hedge, which is when he suggested to my son to spray the laurel .

    My Son did spray his Laurel Hedge with insecticide.

    The black/burnt tips were there prior to him using the spray.

    I did check the soil myself and to me it was slightly damp. I did suggest that the Hedge could do with some water.

    As i mentioned earlier my son's Laurel Hedge in on 3 sides of his garden,  2 sides of the Hedge are fine.

    Today there have been more yellow bare stems on the ground from the damaged side.  

    Is there anything my son can do to save his Laurel Hedge. image


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,305

    I'd recommend leaving it alone apart from making sure it doesn't dry outimage

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • Hi Buddyboy,   Thank you for your help and advice,image   I have passed on your help/advice and the links over to my son who sounded so pleased and relieved  as he thought he was going to lose part of his hedge. As he is a newbie to gardening i  have suggested that he becomes a member of this gardening website as he will learn so much from the many knowledgeable gardeners.  Thanks again.  Also Thanks to Bekkie Hughes and Nutcutlet. image

  • Help planted 6 laurels 10 days ago and some e leave are turning yellow and dropping off, watering every other day and have feed as recommended. Also need advise they are crawling with black ants, I have 3 traps in the garden but can't find the nest. They seem to have laid eggs looks like little black dots on some of the leaves. They are growing nicely but im worried the ants are going to eat and kill them. I'm not a gardener and got these as i was told they are hard to kill :(  what bug spray will deter the ants that safe and won't kill them
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