Tree surgeons not getting to root of problem!

Hi all, Back in July, I got a reputable local company to (very sadly) cut down my willow tree which had cracked and  was dangerous. They got permission from the local council (I live in a conservation area)came and did a great job, felling tree and grinding out the stump.

A few days later when I was levelling the ground as it sat proud of the rest of the lawn I discovered a large root which must have been at the edge of the trunk, hidden beneath the soil -  over 6" across which remained and is impossible to dig out. I rang the company and asked them to come back and gring out the root. I have continued to ring them once a week throughout the summer leaving a message with the tree surgeon's father (who does the paperwork) - no one has got back to me.

I rang again today and told him that enough was enough that I am a reasonable person but I have reached my limit. I now feel I need to write a letter as everything so far has been over the phone and therefore not question is, where can I go from here - I have nothing in writing - it was a verbal quote, I paid cash... this company is employed by local councils to do their tree felling after storms etc. so they are not cowboys, though things are looking very Western like from where I stand at the moment!! 

Any advice welcome, thanks.


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    Hmmm..thats an odd one. You could call the council and ask them if they could help or give advice.

    Good luck!

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    Hi, Ive just had to have a tree felled by a tree surgeon but it didnt include the roots, I thought you had to ask specifically for this, or maybe you did.  Good Luck

    Hi from Kingswinford in the West Midlands
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    If it was verbal and you paid cash I think you will have to accept that it is up to the contractor whether he responds or not.

    Write to him by all means, but you may have to put it down to experience and try to cut and remove the root yourself. You wanted it off the books (and presumably a 'special' price), so I'm not surprised you are getting the run around if there is more work to be done.
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    I think you should certainly write a polite letter explaining your problem and asking about the lack of reply to your calls but I think you may find that root grinding just refers to the central root stump and not every root branch.

    If, as I suspect, you do end up dealing with this root yourself, get yourself a pruning saw - Wolf system do a very good one and you can use different length handles.  Clear the soil from the sides and saw it into chunks you can prise out with a fork or spade.   Leave the rest to rot in the ground and provide food for beneficial critters.

    The Vendée, France
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