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Advice needed

Hi, I am forced to remove some potatoes and leeks from an area of my new allotment. Provided my veg actually looks like it should is there any reason I shouldn't eat it? Thanks to anyone that takes the time to reply.



  • You don't say why you are forced to remove them.  If its because of soil contamination I wouldn't eat them but otherwise go ahead and enjoy them

  • ChunkChunk Posts: 19

    Thanks Muddy, I originally took on two sites next to each other because they were both vacant but a lady has enquired about an allotment and I said she could have one of mine. Both together it was 500 sq. Meters  of weeds and I am a complete novice so I was happy to give it up. I only took them both to try and keep the weeds down. Thanks again. 

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    Aren't you allowed to leave unharvested crops in the soil until they are ready?

    But, yes, you can harvest them now. When you dig the potatoes leave them on the soil for the skins to dry out and 'set' before you store them. The leeks will be fine to eat, just a bit small.
  • ChunkChunk Posts: 19

    Thanks, possibly would be ok, I have left taters in as they were too small anyway. Just ate a few leeks with my dinner.Small but delicious. I will check when I meet the lady who is taking over next door to see if she minds them staying in another month or so. 

  • If you do need to take up the leeks, they don't keep for very long, but you can chop them up and freeze them, then use them in soups and casseroles later.

    I am envious. My leeks have been totally ruined by leek moths. 


  • ChunkChunk Posts: 19

    Sorry to hear about your leeks! Mine were really nice. I only had about a dozen as I am just starting out. 

  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    Now is the time to harvest spuds anyway - although if the current warm weather continues and they don't get blight they'll keep growing for a bit.  Leeks are normally an autumn/winter crop  and will get bigger between now and then - why not negotiate with the new tenant to leave them in - and share them?

  • Potatoes are fine. I'm not that patient, I always eat some while the skin isn't quite done. You know when you just touch them and the skin slides off? They taste great, they taste the same as the ones that are ripe and peeled.

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