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I have found a couple of plants that I'm not sure what they are, one is in a pot and appears to be a small tree with wisteria like leaves but not the stem or flower (haven't seen any flowers but there's no sign ther'es been any either!).


The other is a yellow daisy which is over 5 feet tall and I have looked after this plant for many years, this year however I lost one of the 3 I had and the other two are definitely smaller clumps.  Any ideas what this is or why I would of lost one clump?  many thanks for any helpimage


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    I tried to add more pics and it didn't work so i'll try again now

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     A close up of the treeimage

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,299

    The daisy is a Helianthus, maybe Lemon Queen

    The leaves on the one in the pot look rather curled up. Are they always like that or is it wilting in the sun? I don't recognise it, sorry 

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • First one is a perennial Helianthus. The little tree is Robinia pseudoacacia 'twisty baby'.

  • The plant with the curly leaves looks like Robinia Lacey Lady,, and yes the curly leaves are ok it grows like that. In time it should become tree like.

  • Thanks to everyone for the names, pleased to finally have the Helianthus after so many years as I see this plant on Gardeners World and other programmes and its always the one that no one says the name of, I also found it at Hampton Court garden last month but yet again it was one of the few without a label!  so many thanks for that and the tree name, I should of known Robinia as its one of my favourtite treesimage

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