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have finally landscaped and paved our garden, and now I want to fill my massive borders with Mediterranean plants and shrubs. I know I want the silvery greens, blues and whites, but I am a newcomer to horticulture, and with British weather and clay like soil I recognise hibiscus' etc, are not the way forward. I am the proud owner of 2 olive trees, but the are looking very lonely. Has anyone got any ideas/suggestions that will add aesthetic Grecian beauty, colour and fragrance to my north Warwickshire garden please?


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    If you have clay soil you'll have to sort that first.  Plenty of gravel/grit dug in to make it free draining.  Herbs could be a good start.  I'm sure you will get lots of good recommendations soon.

  • Greece covers several types of landscape and flora, are you looking for coastal, inland or mountain ?  Do you have space for some architectural features which would lend a "Greek atmosphere" ?  That way, you could perhaps be a little more general with the types of plants you grow.  I applaud your thinking but it may take more than plants to recreate Greece in N Warwickshireimage

    You have the Olives but I presume they don't yet resemble the gnarled old trees which evoke Greece ?  How about a Stone or Parasol Pine to add some shape ?  Obviously the shrubby herbs ( Rosemary, etc. ) will provide the basic fragrance but you may need to help your soil along for these to be really happy.  Depending upon your inclination, you can grow Hibiscus and Bougainvillea etc. in pots for the summer but you would want somewhere to overwinter them safely.  The European Fan Palm may be worth looking at too.....the hardiest one in the UK so should be ok if in the right situation.

    I would think you need to do a bit of research if you want to be "totally" Greek but there are plenty of other plants which would lend the atmosphere...whether they would all survive is another matter.  If you are prepared to stretch the imagination a little, there are plenty of hardy shrubs and perennials which would fit with the idea of southern Europe.

    You don't mention the size of garden or orientation....maybe a few photos and further description would help others to make suggestions.

    Best of luck anywayimage

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    I have an Hibiscus on the strip of land just outside my fence. Years ago I was told the Hibiscus need water more than heat, my one gets watered by me about every 2 years and I live in one of the driest parts of the country. It is poor soil out there with, I think, good drainage. It gets sun from around 2 or 3 pm on. ..and it not only survives, but flourishes.image

  • Thank you Lesley k - I will address the soil asap. And herbs would be ideal - I've heard there are many types of oregano, and rosemary would be a lovely addition too.

    Thank you too Phillips. Your first paragraph had me in stitches! What can I say, I'm a dreamer!

    Definately going to utilise rosemary, and any other shrubby herbs - I will research further. I have never heard of the parasol pine, but will be on the internet looking this up.

    I feel I may need to reconsider my geographical inspiration, and widen it to sothern Europe - my partner won't know the difference - he doesn't know his pine nut from his pine tree.

    My garden is 40ft by 15ft, with, now, a large patio area. The borders are all 3 ft wide.
  • Vikki........40ft x 15 ft.............a very small Greek island then I think is the way to go image

    Nothing wrong with dreaming anyway......image

  • Thank you artjak - I give it a go. That's reassuring, as I do love them.

    And yes Phillipa, small, but adequate for a taverna for 4 in the summer image
  • Sorry just checked with my Partner - I have the measurements wrong. Our garden is 80ft by 15ft - we can now invite friends to our soon-to-be, fingers crossed, taverna/grecian hideaway
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    Ah vikki now you can have a goat at the bottom of the garden to supply feta, Grow tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce and with the olives from your trees you have a ready made greek salad.  If I get an invite I'll supply the ouzoimageimage

  • Sounds perfect! I'll have to research how one milks a goat thoughimage
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    You definitely need Jasmine

    Hi from Kingswinford in the West Midlands
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