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Winter onions

I've just bought a pack of red winter onions to be planted in the Autumn. Would you say we are now in Autumn or should I leave it a couple of weeks.

Many thanks.


  • My magazine did a trial last year and they planted on the 20th of September. Red onions are more likely to bolt than others, they had 10 per 50 planted bolting of red onions. Whereas I had 100% of winter red onions bolting. I'm back to growing Shenshyu this year.

  • I've already planted my shenshyu sets. Here's my video of me putting them in.

  • I have just planted mine this afternoon, along with some Garlic.

    It's my first time growing both so it should be interesting! 

  • any time now till middle of next month sowing shenshyu again this year as had good

    results this year remember to cover with netting to keep birds of happy planting

  • I planted an actual onion to create seeds this year. The seeds have dropped off now, and the new shoots (which will be edible onions) just popped out the ground this week. So I would say now is a good time!

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