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still dithering



  • rosemummyrosemummy Posts: 2,010

    got 3 hardy geraniums (3 types about 10 plants ) will keep half, fragrance very important, hence the lilac, i know you can get dwarf ones, have to be honest, no idea what mine is, that was half reason for keeping in pot to see what flowers like,  have a foot high viburnum bodnantense dawn i hope to fit in, a place planned for philadelphus belle etoil, got lots of grown from seed stocks , a few foxgloves, obviously 3 roses, plan to fit in 3 or 4 more, i would love a daphne but need to find it a place,tulips in and more to plant fair few snowdrops, 7peonies moving 2 adding hopefully a sarah bernhardt, too many japanese anenomes, plan to move half further back and give half away (O.L!) 2 irises i don't want which flowered last year not this, a hemerocalis i don't like and still some crocosmia that escaped being dug up last year!one thing that is taking over and layering itself with abandon is jasmine, it covers the front wall nicely but is encroaching forwards and it's roots are taking over,any ideas how i can keep it but contain it?got a friend's oh who is a gardener coming to look at removing rhodo for me, hurrah! took me an hour and a half (with my pint sized under gardener helping) to move 1 clump of geraniums, 1 jap anen and 2 crocosmia! 

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