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blackspot on roses

Hello everyone ,I'm a novice gardener and I like my roses .this year I've had black spot  quite bad ,I've used rose clear but I've been cautious as my little dog like s to be out in the garden as well .does anyone know of a pet safe product or home made remedy that can help for next year as I've cut them all back now


  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,657

    Hi Richard, from lots of passed discussions here its bad news,Bob t/g is at present trying to get rid of black spot on all his roses by grafting,iv thrown away most of mine except two which iv cut right back and moved to 2 buckets in solitary  for 2 months and im spraying one  with seaweed and one with NEEM oil,both safe and animal friendly, i can only wait to see the results which i shall put on here.It would seem most people are now buying new roses ie; David Austin which im told are spot free for maybe 8/10 years then buy new again or hopefully a cure is found by then or some of our friends on here might have better results in there gardens ,if so im sure they will tell us, seems its a waiting game at the moment.Good Luck

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