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Collecting seeds

Hello, can anyone help me on how to collect the seeds from foxgloves and poppies, we have grown them for the first time this year so are quite new to this. Thank,you.


  • Pennine PetalPennine Petal Posts: 1,540
    Keep checking the seed pods, when they rattle they are ready to collect. Put the seed heads in a paper bag and store them until they are fully dry.
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  • Let the seed heads get really dry and ready to burst, or just opening,and then shake them out into a bag.  I store mine in those little individual jam pots you get in hotels.  Do make sure they are really ripe and dry before you store or they will get mildewy.  Pansy seeds can be picked when well swollen and left in a jam jar on a sunny windowsill to dry put and burst open - I never buy new seed unless I want a specific colour that I don't have.  I often just sprinkle seed back into the pots or areas where they were growing.

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