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can anyone recommend a climber to grow up the side of a house, we've recently had a door bricked up and I'mm wanting to cover it with something long flowering?




  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    Are you looking for something that is permanently in leaf? 

    Or are you not bothered if it loses Leaf in Winter?

  •  I'd rather have something perm leaf but I if it had really nice flowers then maybe i could live without the leaf lol, any suggestions would be really helpful!

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  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    I have Lonicera Japonica growing along a trellis and it grows very profusely given the space. Has lovely sweet smelling flowers from May/June onwards and those give way to berries that the birds love way up until October. Again it loses leaf in the Winter

  • I am wondering whether you want something self-clinging or if you are willing to put up wires or trellis to support a climber. The disadvabntage of self-clingers can be damage to the wall and they aren't suitable for every kind of surface, either. On the other hand, tall scramblers would need a fair bit of support and you'd have to put supports quite high up. Another thing to consider is whether you are planting in sun or shade and also which way the wall faces - north, south ,east or west. Also most don't flower for more than a couple of months. Climbing hydrangea is beautiful, self-clinging, tolerates shade and flowers in early summer. It is huge, however, and deciduous. 

  • We garden near Lincoln,and  have an escallonia growing up the back wall of our house, facing east. It is evergreen and has shiny dark green, lovely red flowers late spring/early summer, sorry I don't know the variety, we have had it a good many years.. Looks lovely and is easy to grow. Needs clipping to encourage it to grow upright,as it is really classed as a hedging plant, but is very tolerant of all weather conditions. It survived temperatures down to -18c  2 years ago.No obvious pests which has to be a bonusimage.


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