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I have an old wheelbarrow with no wheel it had one or two small holes. My son used it first to mix cement to lay a patio then to make a small wall. Left to dry the cement has almost filled the holes so this coming year I will be planting some salad crops they will be easy for me to reach as I'm disabled.


  • I inherited a really old wheelbarrow when I moved in to my house 10 years ago. It's been treated and makes an excellent planting feature in the garden. It will only last a couple more seasons, when I put my winter pansies in earlier this week I noticed the rust holes getting bigger so will be looking for a replacement.
  • Mish2Mish2 Posts: 6

    I'm new here and hope this is the right place to ask my question! I have an old wheelbarrow (minus it's wheel) which is quite rusty! Is it ok to plant in in this state or should I treat it?  If I need to treat it what should I do?

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