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How to take honeysuckle cuttings

There is a divine smelling image Honeysuckle near to me that just fills the night air with a wonderful scent,  it's growing wild so I fancy having a go at growing some,  so,  my question is where do I cut the stems how long do they need to be and when is the best time to do thisimage.




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  • Hi Rainjustlearning,

    I find that the wild honeysuckle seeds itself in my garden. We have some that has appeared in the mixed hedge at the back of the house, and it seeds in the gravel path, I have to pull it up,so you might have some luck sowing the berries that it produces in some gritty compost.

  • Thank you I shall have a go and see what happens,  will keep you posted.image

  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    You can snip off 6 inches of a non flowering part of it and root it in a pot. The flowers turn into fruit and you get the seed inside the fruit if yo wash it off. Not sure how long it takes to reach flowering size from seed but am guessing at least 3.

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