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Talkback: Growing honeysuckle

Very interesting. I didnt realise they were woodland plants and should be planted in the shade. Though saying that - my honeysuckles planted along a south facing fence do much better that the ones planted along the northwest facing fence!?!


  • oldchippyoldchippy Posts: 244
    Hi Kate my honeysuckle is in flower for the second time this year,It grows over a east facing fence and hangs over next doors garden,Last year we had a Robin nesting in it this year it was a Dunnock the birds like to feed in the amongst the leave I can't see what they find to eat,I have seen only two Damsel fly this year but not one Dragon fly and there is a pond in the next garden,Are they having a bad year as well.Or am I living in the wrong place.

  • catswincatswin Posts: 3
    My honeysuckles have totally taken over the garden. A 3 year old white evergreen (planted in a very cool corner between shed and fence) is now more than 20 feet high climbing through a tree and what was a sprinkling of honeysuckle along a 3ft chain link fence (for the last 14 years) is this year a 7 ft high 3ft deep hedge between us and our neighbours.

    The garden feels much smaller now, tho my husband says it hasn't had the same effect on the lawn - that is still just as big!!

    The perfume in the evening is just heavenly.
  • donutsmrsdonutsmrs Posts: 486
    I have two Honeysuckles and the perfume is just heavenly. They are both in pots though one of them has now rooted into the ground. The other one is against my washing post and has done so well this year. I do keep it well watered and it is in shade and not in full sun. I don't know what its name (it has faded off the label), but the flowers are quite red on the tips. The other one that has rooted, is yellow, both are just beautiful.
  • Edit DEdit D Posts: 8
    I wish my honeysuckle would be doing this well. I have inherited one on the east-facing wall in my garden. It's got two or three very long, bare stems growing all the way up to the top of the wall. Last year it had one flower on it, this year is a huge improvement on that, but still only a handful of clusters. Does anyone know whether it's ok to cut it hard back in the hope that it will bush out? I've not dared to do it in case I kill it, as I'd dearly love to keep it.
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