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Hi all

I was wondering if anyone has used these home remedie gardening techniques I am constantly seeing online and on the tv.  Such as white vinegar instead of weed-killer?  I would love to get involved in this recycle/green/frugal way of gardening.

A:  Do they work and

B: has anyone out there in Garden land got a good website suggestion for a complete list?? 


Thanks to all - 



  • I haven't tried vinegar as a weedkiller but I doubt it is THAT effective or there simply wouldn't be a market for Roundup etc.  I am trying to be organic and have spent very many hours hand-weeding, but a local organic-friendly landscape gardener told me that if I wanted to weed my boundary fence and gravel drive there was simply no option but to spray them twice a year with glyphosate weedkiller.  

    I have a gas canister weed flame wand.  This is definitely NOT a cheap option, but doesn't involve chemical sprays.  It works, but during hot weather if you are weeding around heathers, grasses etc. you can end up setting a fire which is difficult to control.  If you use one of those burners in dry conditions be sure to keep a hosepipe or several buckets of water handy!

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    Hiya - yes I once witness my neighbour with one of thiose flame thrower things.. I did chuckle as his boot caught fire.  I have has a go with the white vinegar this week end. I have rather dully taken a few pics, before, day one , day two etc..


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    Ok found a site - it does suggest vinegar to kill grass as well scare off cats ... all sorts  - interesting, though potentially a smelly garden!

    I will keep you posted as I will try them all at some point.image

    Also interested in the using bath water to water the lawn!

  • biff227biff227 Posts: 18


    ahh now, the frugal weedkiller made from vinegar has killed, well everything.

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    I think frugality comes as much in using the appropriate product - and thus wasting neither time nor money - as from being thrifty so, for example, I do spray our weedy paths and boundaries with a glyphosate based product as it works out cheaper, quicker and less smelly than gallons of white vinegar.   I use no other garden chemicals.

    I also always buy in fresh seed sowing compost and and fresh planting compost for tubs, baskets, window boxes etc as it gives best results and reduces disease.  However, I recycle old compost as a soil conditioner or mulch on the garden.

    We have a "compost corner" in the kitchen for all waste which can go on the compost heaps - fruit and veg trimmings, egg shells, coffee grounds etc and also compost the grass after lawn mowing, weeds after they've been pulled and left to dry for a day or so, cardboard and so on.   I've been much better at collecting seeds from my favourite garden perennials this year and taking cuttings form plants I've pruned to use as spares, swaps or give away.

    Sowing seeds for the veggie plot is generally cheaper than buying plugs but I still buy plugs of most salad leaves as it saves me time and space for seeds of more unusual veg I can't buy.    Similarly, we grow soft fruits which are easy to grow but cost a fortune for a small punnet in shops.


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    biff227 wrote (see)

    ahh now, the frugal weedkiller made from vinegar has killed, well everything.

    Am a bit confused about this -did you mean to spray/kill the lawn?image

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    years ago when i raised pheasants we used to put creasote rags around the pens to deter foxes that didnt work either


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    sotongeoff there were a few weeds within the lawn, I had heard that the home remedy did and did not kill surrounding greenery, So I thought I would try and target just the weed on one spot and a general spray on another ... this is the another ...and it killed everything.  ooops, you learn by your mistakes.  I have since bought some roundup killer and over the weekend got on my hands and knees and pulled up the weeds!

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