Hebe Plant

Do you prune Hebe plants? If so when is the best time to do it


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,142

    No pruning is needed although if they get leggy you can prune hard back in April.
    Nothing to stop you giving it a very light trim to round it up now if you wish but be gentle with it.


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  • Thanks christopher2.  My hebes are just about finished flowering now (pink/purple flowers) so think I will do as you suggest as soon as the flowers go.

  • I have autumnal blue - flowers abundandantly and self-seeds too! I deadhead regularly to keep it looking good, then I cut it back to new growthy near the base after flowering when it is outgrowing its space.  Its a bit like lavender - don't cut back into old wood, just down as far as the new shoots.

    The seedlings are variable - have two nice ones growing in tubs, short and stocky, and one which became very lanky so has beenj recycled.

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