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Your climbing hydrangea is probably Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris, which only comes in white! No matter how you feed it you will not be able to change its colour. Do take a look at a relative called the Japanese Hydrangea Vine, Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Roseum', as this has pink flowers. An image search on Google will show you.

Hydrangeas are hardy shrubs, but new shoots can be damaged by frost in early spring. Delay pruning until spring as the old stems provide some frost protection. Then keep a sheet of fleece handy to throw over it on cold nights if frost is forecast.


  • Why have my hydrangea failed to flower this year i have got two in tubs and three in my borders
  • I was watching the Chelsea Flower show and Alan Titchmarsh gave instructions on how you should prune hydrangea petiolaris. You apparently prune after flowering and in the spring, but there was some detail that he went into about how you do it that I missed. Can someone remember what he said?
  • I have recently bought a white hydrangea which was really white when I bought it - now the blooms are turning a strange green colour. I like the white colour and don't want it to change to pink or blue - what do I need to do
  • your hydrangea sounds like one that I have that is white turns to green and then to pink, it will return to white next year as it is the nature of the lovely beastie,hope you continue to enjoy!!!you have three for the price of one.
  • [...] Shown in these four photos, taken last weekend, are the oak-leafed hydrangea, H. quercifolia “Snowflake”, and the popular H.aborescens “Annabelle”, with a lilacky splash of H. macrophylla “Blue Wave.” [...]
  • Hi, I have got 2 hydrangeas growing in barrels and 1 climbing hydrangea, all of which are white. how do i change the colour of the climbing hydrangea, it is planted in the ground and growing up the house wall, i would like it to be a pinky colour as it will go well with the red in the brick wall. And also 1 of my hydrangeas that is in the barrels didn't like the rain we had during the summer and it has only started to re-grow but now it has been hit by the frost will it survive and come around next year? thanks
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