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Talkback: How to grow tomatoes from seed

This is the first time I've grown tomatoes from seed and I wasn't sure when I should transfer to pots. I was going to do this weekend and I now realise this would be too early. Thanks Joe!


  • I shall be trying that this year, brilliant idea thank you Joe
  • Thank you. from pic 5 I can see my seedlings need a little longer before they are moved to individual pots.
  • this is the first time using my dads greenhouse. he died early this year. found the help and tips i need to carry on doing what he done.
  • Didn't know about watering the compost before you sow the seeds. I grow my toms in a greenhouse, and usually put the 8week seedlings large tomato pots immediatly. Seems to work, but you'd need a greenhouse to do it.
  • agailagail Posts: 2
    I had some good success using one of these upside down planter things last season and will be using them again this forthcoming spring -
  • I've already sown my "Gartenpearl" tomato seeds and I now have about a 1" seedlings. Gartenpearl tomato plants can also be grown in hanging baskets. Last year most of my tomato plants were effected by "blight", so this year I'm growing baskets tomatoes along with "Basil" to the white fly leave them alone.......
    I live in hope that this year I WILL get some decent tomatoes.....
  • ossoosso Posts: 5
    going to have a go at toms now i know this rough size of when to transplant
  • Hello I'm wondering if you can help me? I have a propagator, which I have sowed marmande tomatoes, the propagator is in a greenhouse, and the temperature is at 15 Celsius, is this right?
  • Thanks Joe. I will sow my Tomatoes like this from now on.
  • Thanks Joe, I have sowed tomatoes and was looking for when to prick out. I would have done it too soon had I not watched your clip.
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