Lawn care and rabbits

My girlfriend keeps two rabbits which graze on our lawn.  The lawn is almost full of weeds as I've not wanted to apply weed and feed in the two years we've had the rabbits.  I want to deal with the weed problem but don't want to harm the rabbits. Does anyone who keeps rabbits have any experience of applying weed and feed to their lawn?  How long did you wait after applying the weed and feed before allowing the rabbits to graze on the lawn?  Were there any ill effects? Thanks


  • Weed and feed is poisonous for animals as well as weeds.  The pack only gives a minor warning about not letting pets walk on it, but if you look Weed and Feed up on the internet, you will be shocked at how poisonous it is.  Chickens shouldn't be allowed on it for weeks after application, so I certainly wouldn't let rabbits on it until you can see it has been watered in and has worked.  After looking it up, I will only use the box I bought in small areas which I can cover with chicken wire and netting to stop birds landing on it. 

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